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Weddings & Engagements

I never get sick of weddings - shooting them, being a guest at them...I love them.  I'm fascinated by people, and telling stories through imagery is my jam.  But not through cheesy poses...those aren't my jam.  My job is to document you and what is ACTUALLY happening - in the moment, in your head, in your heart.  My job is to feel it, and then see it, and then let you see it.     

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When I shoot a wedding, my ultimate goal is to have you walk away with something that will bring back the ENERGY of that day for you - forever.  Every photographer has a strong point - what I really love is to catch the little spontaneous moments in-between - ones that can never been posed and never re-created.  The real stuff. And while having fun and keeping a sense of humor are a MUST, I don't take lightly how important my responsibility is to document one of the biggest moments in life for two people and their families.  If gazing longingly into each others' eyes while we do portraits isn't your thing...don't worry.  I want you to feel like yourselves.  To laugh, be playful, or just be still.  It's perfect - I promise.