About Me

I can't leave my kids at school without kissing them 500 times and telling them I love them until they are embarrassed.  We can't decide between city and ocean - which works out, because we're bi-coastal-ish (between LA and NYC).  You can give me tacos or sushi any day, any meal.  Dancing in the grocery store aisles IS NOT WEIRD!

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I'm super awkward

when people take my photo...





I think a lot of things are funny.  I honestly don't understand the possibility of going through life without a sense of humor.

I have two kids and I think they are hilarious.   


I went to NYU, which terrified my mom at the time. But I think I turned out just fine (just don' t remind her about the tattoo).

I sing really loud in the car.   Like, really loud.  

Coffee.  Wine.  Coffee.  Wine.

My husband hates that I watch The Real Housewives (of everywhere) - but I love it.  Can't help it.  I'm a Bravo junkie.

I like airports and hospitals.  

I love the IDEA of camping, but really...fancy hotel beds.  I mean...

I'm a hugger.

I'd rather go on a trip than get a present.  I don't care what the present is, I'd rather have an adventure.









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