Vanessa & Ryan - NYC Wedding - Central Park Loeb Boathouse


I swear…I’m going to really try and get better at posting more often. I’ve been sitting on this post for a long, long time…but finally I’m getting around to getting these blog posts up. I recently was going through some wedding galleries from the past couple of years and I’m just SO transported and realize that I want these images and moments to see the light of day…

After she got engaged, Vanessa and I ended up meeting up for drinks in NYC to chat all things wedding and we were giggling from the get-go. It ends up that Vanessa and I went to the same high school in DC, and years later were in the same city. To say that being able to be a part of her wedding was special is a huge understatement. I felt immediately like I was with family, and she was glowing not only on her wedding day, but through the entire process.

My 2nd shooter (the amazing Nan Doud - miss you, girl!) and I commented throughout the wedding day that it was an epic and quintessential New York wedding - from the classic yet modern elegant dress and veil to the beautiful church to the walk through central park and a Boathouse reception. I’ll be back in the city in a few days, but the the weather won’t be quite as warm as it was in these pics. I loved this day so much…enjoy!

vanessa ryan-10.jpg
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Venue: Loeb Boathouse, Central Park NYC