Vanessa & Ryan - NYC Wedding - Central Park Loeb Boathouse

I swear…I’m going to really try and get better at posting more often. I’ve been sitting on this post for a long, long time…but finally I’m getting around to getting these blog posts up. I recently was going through some wedding galleries from the past couple of years and I’m just SO transported and realize that I want these images and moments to see the light of day…

After she got engaged, Vanessa and I ended up meeting up for drinks in NYC to chat all things wedding and we were giggling from the get-go. It ends up that Vanessa and I went to the same high school in DC, and years later were in the same city. To say that being able to be a part of her wedding was special is a huge understatement. I felt immediately like I was with family, and she was glowing not only on her wedding day, but through the entire process.

My 2nd shooter (the amazing Nan Doud - miss you, girl!) and I commented throughout the wedding day that it was an epic and quintessential New York wedding - from the classic yet modern elegant dress and veil to the beautiful church to the walk through central park and a Boathouse reception. I’ll be back in the city in a few days, but the the weather won’t be quite as warm as it was in these pics. I loved this day so much…enjoy!

vanessa ryan-10.jpg
vanessa ryan-44.jpg
vanessa ryan-291.jpg
vanessa ryan-343.jpg
liz and matt-553.jpg
vanessa ryan-412.jpg
vanessa ryan-489.jpg
vanessa ryan-494.jpg
vanessa ryan-778.jpg
vanessa ryan-878.jpg
vanessa ryan-889.jpg
vanessa ryan-936.jpg

Venue: Loeb Boathouse, Central Park NYC

Liz & Matt - Firestone Winery Wedding in Santa Barbara

Hi guys!  I've been a little quiet over here and on social media for a few weeks.  I think I'm mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of travel that is about to take over my schedule next month, and trying to soak up family time before I start forgetting which time zone I'm in.  In June I'll be flying 18,000 miles, going back and forth between LA and NYC for three back-to-back wedding weekends, and a maternity shoot, a baby shoot, and an engagement shoot sprinkled in.  Also a personal photography project that I've been dreaming of doing - more on that later. Sometimes the only way for me to stay in the zone for all of it and focus is to sort of disconnect.  BUT, there are so many gorgeous weddings from this year and beyond that need to be shared with the world, so here goes!      

Liz & Matt came to me through a past bride (and former school-mate of mine whose NYC wedding you'll see on here very soon).  We met up at Alfred in Studio City and hit it off.  Liz is a dancer, Matt is an actor, and together they are the cutest things evahhh.  (They are also expecting a little bundle of their own pretty soon!) 

They had a very specific look that they wanted for their wedding photos - they said they wanted their photos to look like stills from a movie, and of course I was game.  So, here's their story - at the beautiful Firestone Vineyard in Santa Barbara.  

liz and matt-405.jpg
liz and matt-340.jpg
liz and matt-105.jpg
liz and matt-204.jpg
liz and matt-295.jpg
liz and matt-281.jpg
liz and matt-420.jpg
liz and matt-553.jpg
liz and matt-572.jpg
liz and matt-597.jpg
liz and matt-658.jpg
liz and matt-737.jpg
liz and matt-758.jpg
liz and matt-969.jpg
liz and matt-1021.jpg
liz and matt-1132.jpg
liz and matt-1149.jpg
liz and matt-1041.jpg

Venue: Firestone Vineyard
Event Coordinator: Emilie Gratton
Bridal Gown: Mikaella Bridal
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Lighting: Sparks Creative
Catering: Pure Joy Catering

Caitlin & James, NYC - Gramercy Park Hotel - The Library at The Public
cait and jim-391.jpg
cait and jim-247.jpg
cait and jim-319.jpg
cait and jim-670.jpg
cait and jim-686.jpg
cait and jim-754.jpg
cait and jim-796.jpg
cait and jim-875.jpg
cait and jim-992.jpg
cait and jim-1039.jpg
cait and jim-1037.jpg
cait and jim-837.jpg

Location: Gramercy Park Hotel/Library at The Public
Dress: BHLDN
Event Coordination:

Brooklyn Wedding - Williamsburg, William Vale Hotel and My Moon - Alicia & Lex
alicia and lex-12.jpg
alicia and lex-77.jpg
alicia and lex-11.jpg
alicia and lex-89.jpg
alicia and lex-172.jpg
alicia and lex-187.jpg
alicia and lex-191.jpg
alicia and lex-313.jpg
alicia and lex-326.jpg
alicia and lex-442.jpg
alicia and lex-476.jpg
alicia and lex-483.jpg
alicia and lex-487.jpg
alicia and lex-560.jpg
alicia and lex-806.jpg
alicia and lex-661.jpg
Kate & Nick - Malibu Engagement

Kate and Nick and sunset at Point Dume, Malibu.  My heart is content. :) 

nick and kate-54.jpg
nick and kate-65.jpg
nick and kate-149.jpg
nick and kate-79.jpg
nick and kate-147.jpg
nick and kate-94.jpg
nick and kate-95.jpg
nick and kate-121.jpg
nick and kate-56.jpg
Multi-ceremony Wedding - Newport, Rhode Island - Belle Mer

One epic day, two ceremonies, three dresses.  Pri & Mark at the absolutely stunning Belle Mer in Newport, RI.  

(Event impeccably designed by Infinite Events)     

NYC Engagement - Kate & Alex in Tribeca

The only thing that beats a warm day walking through Tribeca is being able to get to do it with Kate & Alex.  

katie q-102.jpg
katie q-2.jpg
katie q-26.jpg
katie q-134.jpg
Santa Barbara Elopement and Intimate Dinner at The Four Seasons

K & B in Santa Barbara!  The day began the the spectacular resort El Encanto.  I wanted to move in there, but we had to get to the courthouse and get these two married!  The day finished off with an intimate dinner at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, and a sunset that makes California living an easy sell.  XXOO  

Malibu wedding at Inn of The Seventh Ray

Alex & George, a bridal pantsuit, and a Malibu sunset.  Ok, off to buy a lottery ticket!

alex and george.jpg
alex george-71.jpg
alex george-524.jpg
alex george-111.jpg
alex and george-20.jpg
alex george-560.jpg